Paul Walker: Too Fast, Too Soon


Actors come and go, but learning about Paul Walker’s death came as a shock.  I haven’t felt this sad about an actor’s passing since Heath Ledger’s.

Before he died, he was just another American actor to me. I’ve seen most of his movies, especially The Fast and the Furious series. Somehow, his role as an undercover cop in the film gave me the impression that he’s a good guy. 

And I never realized that he really was until he passed away. 

R.I.P. Paul. 

You can now drive as fast and as freely as you can wherever you are. 


Wake Me Up with some Turkey


I love this song so much that I hope it wins a Grammy next year. 

Wake Me Up” is a song by Swedish DJ and music producer Avicii, which features uncredited vocals from American soul singer Aloe Blacc and acoustic guitar from Incubus‘ Mike Einziger.

Aloe Blacc also released an acoustic version of the song, one that I like as much as the original.

And here are a few of my favorite covers:

Thanks to Bobby for sending me a link to the original a few months back. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Our Strength as Filipinos


A lot of us Filipinos witnessed Anderson Cooper’s accurate and fearless reporting of the situation in Tacloban after the strongest typhoon in history destroyed many cities in the Visayas region. He and the rest of the CNN team broadcast haunting images, videos, and heartbreaking interviews with the victims, opening the people and the government’s eyes to the reality that even after 5 days following the storm, aid hasn’t yet reached those in need.

Now that help from all over the world has arrived, people are being flown from the provinces to Manila, the hungry are being fed, the sick are being treated, bodies are being retrieved and buried properly, and hope is being restored.

Thank you for seeing the kind of spirit we Filipinos have and more importantly, for telling the whole world about it.

Right in the Feels



Very seldom do I feel a rush watching a movie, a show, or even a video, but this one definitely gave me the feel-good chills, the inevitable goosebumps. Bobby sent me a link to this YouTube video early this year and I loved it as it is.  It was only yesterday did I learn that the group, Kodaline, made a part 2 of the video.

I wish I could describe it better than I already have.  Watch both parts in sequence and you’ll be happy you did.

Of Sweet Cakes and Sweeter Memories


Dear Bobby,

These are the cakes that we have shared through the years.  I always had a fun time decorating them and keeping them from you as a surprise. I posted this in case you want to relive the memories.

2011. I wasn’t sure then what you liked, so I bought you a chocolate cake with frilly sugar candies and just used my favorite photo of you as decor.


This one was for our first year anniversary. You said that it looked like there were little people sitting on rows and rows of bleachers waiting for a concert to start.


2012.  The Detroit Tigers made it to the World Series but unfortunately, we didn’t clinch the title. I made sure our favorite players were there, one pitcher, one base man, and one catcher. Leyland was there, too.


2013.  This cake’s theme was inspired by one of your favorite movies. The candles were recycled and this time, it didn’t sit in the fridge for one extra day.


In our case, sweetie, the cake is no longer a lie.  🙂

I wonder what the next 50 cakes will look like.  Hmm…



O Bobby, Where Art Thou?


It was Bobby’s birthday last Sunday and the weeks that led up to it got me all excited, anxious, and giddy like a schoolgirl.  We have been celebrating birthdays long distance for 3 years straight now but that never takes away our wanting to make each other happy.

One night about 3 weeks ago, we were watching one of his favorite movies of all time, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, as I was tucking him to sleep. He eventually dozed off and that’s when I got the idea of making him a birthday video with that movie as the inspiration.

I tried to give him clues, but busy as he was, I was sure he didn’t have time to guess, which was good for me, ’cause I meant for it to be a surprise.

And this is what I came up with for his birthday video, amateurish as it looked, I’m glad he loved it, saying that it he liked this story better than the movie.

A birthday celebration won’t be complete without a cake, so I made him one, or at least, I bought a lightly adorned mocha-chocolate cake and decorated it myself. Again, I was inspired by his love for the movie so I searched for clear images online and had them printed in a photo processing shop. The candles were recycled from his birthday last year (33) and my nephew’s from last August (4).

Bobby doesn’t like cake that much, but he loves the idea of blowing candles out on a cake from  8,000 miles away.


All the cake toppers are from the movie. I loved the Dapper Dan pomade toppers the most.

The cast of the movie, O Brother, Where Art Thou?

The cast of the movie, O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Loved that they looked like they were stuck in cake mud!

Loved that they looked like they were stuck in cake mud!

The cake was shared with my whole family, and the toppers were wiped clean and kept with the rest of the other years’ cake decorations.

Next, he opened the package I sent him and I hope he didn’t mind the mess created by all the confetti I put in there.  I’m so glad that the shirts fit him and that he can spray my scent on his pillows every night he chooses. 

Overall, spending his birthday together was a blast. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. 


Father of my Kids


I am a sucker for holidays and celebrations. I get excited whenever I plan for them and especially when it’s time to execute the surprise.

This one is different, though, ’cause we still don’t have kids. What my husband doesn’t know is that I am celebrating Father’s Day from 8000 miles away.

Let’s just say it’s a pre-Father’s Day celebration, for future fathers.

He is eventually gonna be the father of my beautiful children.

Here’s to you, Sweetie.

I don’t know what it’s called, it’s not a lot, but it was well-thought of.

I love you.


Happy Father’s Day!